Musical Browser

The last episode of my Media Technology ( at the Leiden University ) study has begun. I will post regularly about my progress. But now the project.

As a front-end developer i am highly interested in web markup, and the idea came to me to use this markup to generate sound/ music. The ultimate goal is to make this sound/ music resemble the style and semantics of the webpage. In short a musical browser.

Is it possible to make music from websites?

Idea summary
There are millions and millions of websites available. Every website has been built with a unique structure, design en behavior. Wouldn’t it be cool to use all these information to make music? Websites are made of HTML, JavaScript, flash and other techniques one technique may be less accessible then the other. It might even be possible to extract the style information of websites and play with it.
Of course the term music is subjective, especially from people to people. However I will try to get some rhythm and melody out of the websites. Another interesting thing I may encounter is the difference between manmade pages and machine made pages, like feeds and stock exchange information.
The goal is to build an interesting installation which allows users to interact with websites in an uncommon way, and let them be creative. The output might be horrible sounds which will not please the human ear or the next future symphony. However I will be very pleased if my thesis will be proved, and there is music in websites to be found.