Espruino Pico received

I was awaiting it for some time, until yesterday. It is amazing easy to play with hardware with espruino. It is easy to transfer my daily web workflow onto hardware. Still lots of thing to learn, hence I feel the the learning curve of Espruino is a very rewarding one ;-). See below for my first very small tinkering project with the Espruino Pico.

Controlling servo with distance sensor



var servo = require("servo").connect(B7);

var sensor = require("HC-SR04").connect(B3,B4,function(dist) {
  //module output in cm
  if(dist <= 20){
    servo.move(0.5, 500);
  if(dist >= 30){
    servo.move(1, 500);
setInterval(function() {
  //send pulse
}, 500);

As you can see the code is very compact. The possibility to console.log sensor reading in the console is priceless!