Message queue class

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Recently at work I needed to implement a message queue. I like the pattern and I think I will need it more often in the future. I recreated the message queue with a class for personal reference and study purposes. I absolutely like some of the new features: for example proper ‘this’ binding with the… Read more »

Espruino Pico received

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I was awaiting it for some time, until yesterday. It is amazing easy to play with hardware with espruino. It is easy to transfer my daily web workflow onto hardware. Still lots of thing to learn, hence I feel the the learning curve of Espruino is a very rewarding one ;-). See below for my… Read more »

Improved front-end workflow for Windows

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For some time I wanted to improve my front-end workflow. The search for an optimized workflow almost made me switch to mac, and I am still considering the switch. It seems to me that the windows front-end developing environment lacks serious momentum compared to the progress being made on linux and osx. However now onto… Read more »

Javascript MVC: a simple todo list

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Download the source You can download, and check the source from my github account A lot of beginning javascript developers might find it hard to start with design patterns. And for most projects larger frameworks, for example backbone.js would be overkill. I created a very simple todo example application based on mvc. I tried to… Read more »