JavaScript: The Definitive Guide, Sixth Edition

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Author: David Flanagan publisher: O’Reilly Media pages: 1100 Summary Novice to advanced this book will open the web as your playground, a full course on JavaScript including the new features and API’s of HTML5. It will be hard to find any topic about JavaScript which not discussed in this book. Review First a short introduction… Read more »

Accessible Animated Canvas Menu

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Get the source at Github A few years ago a lot of websites used an animated flash menu for their navigation. The smarter ones were build progressive above the html list. This is a canvas implementation of the same principle. Source and example Watch the demo Thinking about the menu I had several strategies. Create… Read more »

Book review: jQuery 1.4 Plugin Development

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Author: Giulio Bai publisher: packt publishing pages: 261 Introduction Previous month Packt Publishing send me a request by e-mail for a book review. Of course I was honoured and since the book fitted nicely in my main interest, namely webdevelopment, I read the book and wrote the review below. First impression, a good book with… Read more »

Making snow 2: A canvas snow example.

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check the canvas snow demo In one of my last posts I created a snow storm with jquery and div elements, one disadvantages Of course is that the flakes are square. one advantage is that using divs makes it far more easier to create a creative snowstorm. For example the script could be easily recreated… Read more »

Making snow: jQuery Snowstorm plugin

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check snowstorm demo Inspired by the current weather in the Netherlands I wanted to make snow with jQuery. A year Ago I would have used flash for this task, and I still believe flash is better for this specific job ( anyone fancies square snow flakes ). However I think the animation still stands strong…. Read more »