jQuery and ExternallInterface

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It seems to be that ExternalInterface will not work if the flash file is referenced with jQuery. Which is odd because the jQuery wil translate to the javascript function getElementById. However the following code gave javascript errors that the function send2Flash could not be found. if( $(“#debaak”).length > 0 ) { $(“#debaak”).send2Flash(str); } After discussing… Read more »

Image Carousel: Jquery vs. Flash

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I used to build my carousels in flash, but i seemed a good challenge for me to build a nice looking carousel in jQuery. Of course the carousel should have the same functionality as a flash carousel. Thus said the carousel should get all the content from the html itself, include paging, the possibility for… Read more »

Reading ArrayCollections in Flash

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I always thought that arraycollection were only accessible within Flex. Last week however I needed to access some complex data from a webservice in flash. To access the webservice I used a very handy flash extension, which provided the remoting classes from Flex into flash. The result however contained a ArrayCollections. Luckily I found out… Read more »

Papervision poetry

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Since I started with papervision the library really got me. I didn’t miss any function during the creation of this simple poetry aplication. However I must say that I did not focus on collada and importing 3D models into this little test. One thing that does concern me is the performance, hence I suspect that… Read more »

Flash Accordion List

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Recently at work I was looking for an actionscript accordion which was easy to customize. The goal was to create a accordion for navigation purposes. I could not find anything usefull, but fixed size accordions. I needed to create one myself. Download the sourcefiles accordionlist.zip and accordionlistscroll.zip I will explain the code shortly. Perhaps it… Read more »